Hall Green: January 25 greyhound races (Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners-Up Heat 1) – Preview

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Hall Green: January 25 greyhound races (Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners-Up Heat 1) – Preview
The Hall Green greyhound racing track will host 12 races on Wednesday, January 25. Starting at 11:03 with an A3 race of 480m category, the last race will be held at 13:51.
The most important of the dozen races will be three A2 Heats entitled ‘Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners-Up.
The first Heat with £122 prize money will begin at 12:18. The six nominated racers will be Society Rock (Trap 1), Westmead Luke (Trap 2), Highview Girl (Trap 3), Idols Eye (Trap 4), Bernies Den (Trap 5) and Caribbean Jet (Trap 6).
Trained by C. Kyme, Society Rock commenced his career on October 24, 2011.

In 10 races so far, the white and black dog has won three, and finished first in his first two races in a row.

Bred by Charity Jack & Saw Millessa, he was whelped in June 2010, and his most recent top spot came three races back.
Westmead Luke is a veteran dog with a number of races to his credit. The fawn hound started his career on June 29, 2010, at Henlow.

Since then, he has achieved just 10 first positions. Trained by G Bakewell, the dog has somewhat poor victory ratio in his long career, and his last win came at least six races ago.
Highview Girl is also an experienced hound with 15 victories to her credit. The black b***h made her debut on February 19, 2009.

The trainee of S. Buckland has been winning with regular intervals since the start of her career. Bred by Hondo Black & Highway Classic, she was whelped in September 2007.
Trained by P. Wellon, Idols Eye has run just a dozen races so far. Starting his career on September 23, 2011, the black dog has 5 wins to his record list.

He finished first in his last race. Whelped in August 2009, the son of Droopys Vieri has a fair success ratio.
Bernies Den is trained by P Sallis. The white blue and brindle dog ran his maiden race on December 7, 2010, at Romford.

In his long career, the hound has achieved just 9 victories so far, and last won on December 13, 2011. Bred by Westmead Hawk & Bantiss Slimline, the dog was whelped in August 2009.
Caribbean Jet staged his debut on October 20, 2010.. Overall, the trainee of B Hall has won 11 contests so far, kicking off his career with two wins in a row.

The dog has been undergoing a severe lean patch for the last four months, not winning a single event since October 8, 2011.
After comparing the six competitors in the light of the above-mentioned stats, it is assumed that Idols Eye is the favourite hound to win the Heat 1 competition.

This assumption is based on the dog’s excellent winning streak. In 12 races, he has won 5, that depicts the hound’s fighting spirit and stamina will help him thrive tomorrow.
Along with Idols Eye, Highview Girl also seems to be a joint favourite runner for the event. With 15 triumphs to her name, she is expected to make an impact in the coming contest. 



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