Harrington with new ‘guru’ eyes great victory

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Padraig Harrington with new ‘guru’ eyes great victory
Prominent golfer Padraig Harrington has recently joined hands with his new master Dave Aldred.
With the formation of this new alliance, it is expected that Harrington will be able to perform well, as he is now in a better physical and mental position to showcase his golfing skills.
This can further be testified from the recent commendable performance he delivered at the Abu Dhabi Open.
He is just three shots off the pace at Abu Dhabi and after claiming three back-to-back victories it is being speculated that he will be able to perform exceptionally well.
Sources have revealed that Harrington was looking forward to join hands with Aldred for a long time.
However, it was due to differences in each of their schedules that were making the formation of their alliance difficult.
Commenting on the formation of this new bond, the Irish golfer said, "He's a busy man, I spoke to him last year and the first time I could get an appointment with him was this week".
He further added that, regardless of the wait, the entire period has been extremely interesting since Aldred is a generous person and playing golf with him will definitely be very exciting.
It is also interesting to mention here that Aldred has always been more of an enigma among the circles of golf.
Furthermore, he also holds the credit of being the key inspiration behind Jonny Wilkinson's goal-kicking prowess.
A similar claim has also been admitted by Harrington, "Everyone's trying to figure out what he does".
He went on, "He's a practice coach for me. He's making me more diligent in my practice. It's about putting a lot more precision into the practice".
The efforts invested by Aldred finally materialised, as his student was able to score well at the Abu Dhabi Open, especially while putting, an area that has, for long, remained his weakness. Every time he went for the shot, he was able to score.
He shared that he is optimistic about the way he has been performing under the guidance of Aldred. This will definitely help him in not only improving his game but, at the same time, his rankings in golf as well.



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