Pittsburgh Steelers RB coach Kirby Wilson says Rashard Mendenhall stays starter – NFL News

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Pittsburgh Steelers RB coach Kirby Wilson says Rashard Mendenhall stays starter – NFL News
Whether Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is available for the next game versus Kansas City Chiefs is not determined yet but he nevertheless remains the team’s starter.
This was confirmed by Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson to a local newspaper. He said the RB is their main player and he is not going to be replaced on the starting line no matter how long it takes him to recover and report back to the team.
Wilson said:
"Rashard has always been our lead dog and our top runner."  
Rashard has a torn Achilles tendon before start of the season and could not play first three games of the team. He then returned to suffer the same blow once again and has not played a single game since then.
There was some uncertainty if he would make back to the squad and the team might replace him on the starting line. However, it has been denied now.
Rashard is a crucial member of the offensive line and his absence is certainly being felt by the squad. Although the team is doing well without his presence, he is still needed back as earliest as possible.
The coach added:
"Rashard is the complete package - power, speed, explosiveness. He is the guy who can take a 10-yard run and make people miss and get 20 more. We think Jonathan has things that he is great at. Isaac has some things that he is great at. But Rashard is the
complete package. Rashard has proved that he can do it over the long haul."
It is usual that the players with injuries like Rashard take longer time in recovery and rehab. Another problem is frequent setbacks attached to the recovery process, as it has already happened with the player.
The Steelers have just returned on the winning ways and at this juncture the players like Rashard will certainly add to their offence strength, which led by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is thriving on speed and power.



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