Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck signs uncle Will Wilson as agent - NFL News Update

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Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck signs uncle Will Wilson as agent - NFL News Update
After weeks of debates and rumours over this year’s most sought after draft pick choice agent, Andrew Luck, has finally signed a deal with the Wasserman Media Group and his interests will be represented by his own uncle, Will Wilson.
This will be the media group’s first National Football League (NFL) client and they could not have picked a more high profile prospect than Luck.
Wasserman mostly represents clients from soccer and motor sports and is now moving into the NFL, with Luck being their flagship client.
In a statement to the press, Mike Watts, the chief of operations, welcomed the number one draft pick's decision and hoped that both parties will benefit mutually from the partnership as they hired his uncle on its payroll as the executive vice president
of football.
"We are pleased to join forces with Will to maximize Andrew's potential in the sport of football. Will's more than 20 years of global sports business experience with some of the most successful leagues will also further our business strategies as we continue
to expand internationally".
Andrew Luck, whose three seasons with Stanford has seen him develop into the best quarterback at college level, had previously declared himself available for the NFL draft in 2012 and his performance makes him the number one expected overall pick this year.
The quarterback will most likely be signed by the Indianapolis Colts, holding the first pick after what has been a horrendous season for them, with a 2-14 record.
Indianapolis lost its star quarterback, Peyton Manning, for the whole season, which led the franchise into one of its worst runs in history.
Luck, who is a two-time Heisman Trophy winner, will be more than welcome to Indianapolis with Manning’s future in doubt, while the quarterback has previously stated that he does not mind where he ends up as long as he gets to play.
Luck’s uncle, Will Wilson, has vast experience in a multitude of sports as he held executive positions in big leagues like Major League Soccer (MLS), Champ Car World Series as well as the NFL’s international franchises.
Wilson was happy with his new job at Wasserman and is looking forward to a new challenge.
"Wasserman Media Group has an industry reputation second to none and a tremendous wealth of experience in athlete representation", Wilson said. "And as the agency's first and only NFL player, Andrew will be receiving an outstanding service as he launches
his career”.
The draft will take place in April, later on this year, and franchises will select from a large pool of emerging talent as they look to prepare for the 2012 regular season.
Andrew Luck, currently, is taking time off from football after his Stanford team lost to Oakland in this year’s BCS Bowl final by 41-38.
Luck is studying architectural design at the prestigious university and will complete his degree this year.



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