Pittsburgh Steelers encouraged by RB coach Kirby Wilson’s recovery from burns, wait for return-NFL News

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Pittsburgh Steelers encouraged by RB coach Kirby Wilson’s recovery from burns, wait for return-NFL News
Pittsburgh Steelers are in fresh hopes of rtheir running backs' coach, Kirby Wilson's return, who sufferered injuries in a house fire in January 2012.
Wilson, who had suffered burns, 30 to 50 per cent to his body, is reported to have been recovering well from the injury.
Steelers remained committed to the official since he suffered the injury in January this year and have again reiterated that they are eagerly waiting to have
him back into his previous role in the club.
The coach is described to be lucky to have survived the injury, as the recovery from 50 per cent burnt body is always difficult and in many cases impossible.
His injury was reported to be the result of house fire that had probably started from the kitchen in his house but exact information about the start of the incident
remains very sketchy and thin.
The coach was rushed to the local hospital soon after the incident and has been in recovery since then, with an encouraging amount of progress towards his full
health and fitness.
Steelers who have been on his side during all this time have again offered their support to him and appreciated the amount of courage he has shown while fighting
the injury.
Mike Tomlin, Steelers' head coach, in one of his latest comments, notified that the assistant coach was recovering steadily from burns he suffered to his arms
and legs.
The coach said that he was particularly appreciative of the fact that Wilson was fighting very hard against the injury and that was the reason he has managed
well since the incident.
He said:
“He has been out of the hospital now for over a week. He is attacking the rehabilitation. He is an extremely tough guy. We are
excited about getting him back at some point.”
However, the coach has refrained from speculating exact date of his return, saying he has already been out of the hospital since
over a week now and continues to progress well in the recovery.
He noted that it was encouraging to know that the official had recovered faster than probably anticipated and added that it was
his courage that has made his recovery possible as with 50 per cent burnt body it was always difficult to recover from such injury.
Despite that the coach has declined to comment on the timeline of his return, the anticipation noted in his statements indicates
that Wilson might be back to the team well before the training camp, and definitely before start of the regular season, in September this year (2012).
Local media, which had been tracking the recovery process regularly since beginning has ruled out the injury to be a life-threatening
Similar hopes about his recovery and return have been expressed by local commentators and mediamen.



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