Valencia boys volleyball team wins against Saugus at Valencia High School on Tuesday

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Valencia boys volleyball team wins against Saugus at Valencia High School on Tuesday
Volleyball is a sport that has enthusiasts all over the nation. Both men and women are interested in playing the sport and take it up at a professional level. Universities across the country feature teams that perform at a thrilling and competitive level.
Not only is the game popular amongst the adults, it also has appeal for the younger crowd.
Numerous schools boast of training programs that aim to build competitive teams by harnessing their potential and giving them a chance to improve their skill by participating in tournaments at the high school level. It is not only the boys who take up the
sport aptly at the high school level but girls team too do not fail to impress the spectators.
One such team that has made its mark and earned the respect of its peers and friends alike is the Valencia boys volleyball team. Despite the fact that their school is not that old compared to other schools, its volleyball team is showing all the sparks possessed
by veteran teams.
With their recent win over Saugus that took place on Tuesday, the Vikings were able to set a state record. By earning themselves the victory, they have been able to become the first team in the state that has obtained the honour of securing 97 consecutive
league matches. That is a feat any team can be proud of. Despite the fact that they lost the match, Saugus did try to put in an effort and were able to take the match to four long sets.
By the time the Vikings were celebrating their win as well as the newly made record and Saugus were heading out if the court cradling their wounded pride, the scoreboard summarised the match by displaying the following final set scores,  25-17, 25-14, 21-25
and 25-20.
Their recent win has improved the number of overall season wins that Valencia has been able to secure to a figure of 10. They have managed to bag these victories at the expense of suffering five losses so far. Apart from that, the number of times that the
Vikings have won a league match this season is five. That obviously, comes with no loss at all in league play.
The Vikings have been going on their winning streak for a number of years now. The first match that translated the start of this awesome performance was in the year 2001.
“I hope it’s not the end,” said ninth-year Valencia head coach Mark Knudsen. “It’s a great opportunity to get everybody together. It’s a great opportunity for the alumni to come back and celebrate everything they’ve accomplished, and now is the time to do
it. You don’t celebrate it when the streak ends.”



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