Mike Tice appears on Oakland Raiders’ search for head coach – NFL News Update

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Mike Tice appears on Oakland Raiders’ search for head coach – NFL News Update
According to National Football League (NFL) sources and the Chicago Tribune, Mike Tice, the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears has become the latest candidate to appear on Oakland Raiders' search list for a new head coach.
Tice has recently been promoted as the offensive coordinator of the Bears from the offensive line coach position.
The news sources, that also include ESPN Network, report that the Raiders are trying to gain permission to speak to the 52-year-old coach. If the Bears deny the permission, Raiders would need to turn their attention elsewhere.
That had been the case last year when the Bears refused to allow the Tennessee team to pursue talks with Tice regarding their offensive coordinator position.
It seems that the Bears are quite possessive of their employees when it comes to allowing him permission to speak to other teams. Just recently, they did not allow Minnesota Vikings to interview their defensive backs' coach, Jon Hoke, in regard to their
defensive coordinator position.
Oakland’s team has been searching for a new head coach ever since Hue Jackson was fired on the very first day new general manager, Reggie McKenzie, took over.
McKenzie wanted to bring his own man in as the new coach and made it clear from day one that he wanted to bring a change to the team, saying that it was time for a new “era”.
He, at present has a long list of suitable candidates for the position.
McKenzie has already interviewed former Miami Dolphins’ interim head coach, Todd Bowles, in this regard.
Bowles who led his team 2-1 in the last three games he coached, enjoys a strong position, owing to the fact that he is a defensive specialist and the Raiders are in a desperate need to address their defensive line-up, the main reason why they were eliminated
from the playoff race.
McKenzie has spent 18 years with the Green Bay Packers, so the impression prevails that he may bring in someone from the Green Bay team.
McKenzie has already pointed out that he would be building the team on the Packers' model, so chances of hiring from there seem high.
Four Packers’ assistant coaches, Joe Philbin, Winston Moss, Dom Capers and Tom Clements, are currently being eyed by McKenzie in this regard.
They became available after the Packers were eliminated from the playoffs, last weekend.
Recently, McKenzie also interviewed Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, and defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen, who became available after Broncos lost to the New England Patriots last Saturday.
The long list of candidates does not end here.
McKenzie also plans to interview offensive coordinator of Philadelphia Eagles, Marty Mornhinweg.
Tice has remained the head coach of Minnesota Vikings from 2001 to 2005 with whom he had a record of 33-34. He then worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars for three years before joining the Bears in 2010.



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