Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, showing improvement – NFL News

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Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, showing improvement – NFL News
Although he was wearing a wrap on his hand, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, practised on Thursday, giving strong indication that he would be playing the weekend’s game against New York Giants.
"Should be good to go. It's just about managing right now and letting it heal a little bit. Still doing the work that we need to do to get ready," he said after attending second straight practice.
Romo hurt his right hand during the last week game against Philadelphia Eagles. The team management decided to sideline him for the rest of the game so he could stay healthy for the do-or-die game against the Giants.
On Sunday, the two sides will be playing for the National Football Conference (NFC) East title and the winner will get entry into the playoffs. At the moment, both the teams are tied for first placed in the division with eight victories and seven defeats
Romo was of the view that he would certainly start the game on Sunday and said that he would continue to practise throughout the week.
He asserted that his team is mentally tough and will give a challenging time to the Giants, who have already beaten the Cowboys earlier this season. He said:
“You have to go out there and practise all week and get yourself ready to go to the game on Sunday. I'm excited that we're in this position and we have an opportunity to go and play in a big game like this. This is when it gets fun. No matter what, you're
not going to sit one of these out."
The Cowboys have one of the league’s best quarterbacks in their line-up. Although, Romo did not make it to the Pro Bowl, his skills and abilities are not hidden from anyone. This season, he has got a career-high quarterback rating of 102.2.
In 15 games this season, Romo has completed 317 passes of 485 attempts for 3,895 yards. He has also thrown 29 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.
Coach Jason Garrett also confirmed that Romo showed improvement during the practice saying that the quarterback ‘is making some progress’.
However, he still refrained from telling who would start the game against the Giants.
Apart from Romo, Stephen McGee was also seen taking reps in Thursday’s practice. McGee replaced Romo against the Eagles and completed 24 passes of 38 attempts for 182 yards while throwing a touchdown.
McGee could get his first start if Romo’s hand does not recover.



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