Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden finally back to practice – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden finally back to practice – NFL News
Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden took to the field on Monday to practice without a protective boot. The protective boot was not seen on his injured right foot. The latest move by the running back is seen as a possible step to return
to the team’s line-up.
Coach Hue Jackson was pleased with the latest development and commented on McFadden’s practice. Making a statement to the press, Jackson said, "I think that was huge. I think that's a step in the right direction."
Raiders had a lot more to worry earlier with McFadden missing out practice. However, the 24-year-old now seems to be making progress in his recovery. McFadden had sustained a foot sprain in his right leg on Oct. 23. The incident
had occurred in the first quarter of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. McFadden has been missing out games and every practice since then. And he is uncertain for Sunday’s game when the Raiders face the Miami Dolphins.
The Raiders may still be better off without McFadden in the field as they have one of the best backups in the shape of Michael Bush. Bush had excelled in the game against the Chargers in Oakland, by running for 157 yards with 85
yards of reception and a touchdown. He was equally good against the Chicago Bears where despite being restricted by a strong defence, he managed a touchdown with a 3 yard run. He had 24 carries for 69 yards in that game. Bush ran for 431 yards and scored three
touchdowns in the last four games missed by McFadden. It is being considered that Bush will keep the start in week 13.
McFadden went through a light workout on the field and was seen walking for most of the time. He worked with a team trainer. It has been the first time that McFadden was sighted practising on the field since he sprained his foot.
The practice was short and not much was done by McFadden on the field. No time frame for McFadden's return can be given at the moment but chances are that he would be ready by the time Raiders face the Green Bay Packers in week 14.
The Raiders at this time cannot afford to risk McFadden play in any game until and unless he is fully ready to do so. It would be better for them to keep him away and let him recover till the big game against the Packers.



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