New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter looking for successful 2011 season – MLB News

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New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter looking for successful 2011 season – MLB News
It looks like Derek Jeter is looking to put in a good performance during the coming 2011 MLB regular season. He is hoping for a successful season with the New York Yankees as they continue with their winning ways.
The Yankees will be looking for a successful 2011 season as the spring workout session is beginning which will lead to Spring Training. They understand the importance of working hard during this crucial time to finalise the rotation and the all important
Jeter will be looking to forget about last season and focus on the upcoming one, as he understands the importance of moving forward and letting go of the past mistakes and other issues that might have been a factor in the past.
Derek said, "I've always been pretty good in my career in terms of forgetting about previous seasons, whether it was a good season or a bad season. You have to forget about it and move on."
The Yankees will be hoping for something magical for Jeter this season, as the team will rely on their star players to carry them into the post-season and maybe into the World Series. However, this year it looks like Jeter will be working extensively on
his hitting and more importantly to remain healthy and fit for the long regular season ahead.
Jeter said, "The main thing you always want going into a season, you want to make sure that you're healthy. You've got to maintain yourself throughout the course of the year, so that's why you work in the offseason."
As Spring Training is about to begin, the Yankees will be looking to win as many games as possible and build some confidence into the team. The team will be hoping that Jeter and the rest of their star line-up stays healthy before the regular season as they
know how important a full strength roster is to get a decent start to the season.
The team will be watching the performance of their players as they get some much needed game time under their belts before the start of the regular season. It will be interesting to see how the Yankees adjust their rotation and their line-up to become even
more effective than they already are. They have the perfect mix of veteran and young players that each seems to fit into their defined roles with the unique ability to seemingly perform on demand when needed.
The Yankees seem focused to come out aggressively and dominate the regular season as they usually do each season. However, competition is getting fierce and many of the top tier teams are filled with some very talented players and are always looking to take
on the Yankees.



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