American League Eastern top prospects-- Part-1

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American League Eastern top prospects-- Part-1
The American League Eastern clubs, without any doubt, have one of the best players in the Major League Baseball, but still there is always room for talent. A strong competition was seen between the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays
for the final place in the playoffs.
Yankees and Rays managed to enter in post-season while Boston Red Sox received the biggest September-disaster in the history of baseball. Both Yankees and Rays were pushed out of the competition in the divisional series. The clubs now are preparing for the
2012 season and hiring or promoting new faces at big league level. These new faces are known in the baseball circles as top prospects.
In each club, one surpasses all others to be eligible to consider for the 2012 season, most probably at the big league level. In New York Yankees, it seems impossible for new talent to justify his position in the presence of the top stars like Alex Rodriguez,
Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson. However, one became able, not only to justify, but to prove his stature to sit beside Rodriguez and Jeter. Jesus Montero made his entry and started shining from his debut. Taking him to big level from Triple-A can be considered
the most unquestionable decision by the Bronx Bombers’ manager Joe Girardi in 2011.
Jesus received as high welcome notes as one can dream in his debut year. Brian Cashman, the Yankees’ general manager, left no word hidden explaining the qualities of the young player.
“He could be a catcher, he could be a DH, he could be a bat off the bench, depending on how the roster looks,” Cashman said.
However, Jesus will have to take careful steps while discussing salary negotiations with Cashman, as GM has a popularity of getting into another tune without any time.
The most miserable club in the Major League Baseball this year was no doubt the Boston Red Sox. The club had the worst ever last month in the history of baseball. They lost 20 of their last 27 games and dropped from first place in AL East to the last position,
while getting eliminated from the post-season in the last day of the regular season. After going through such a humiliating situation, the club had their manager Terry Francona hand in his resignation and then general manager Theo Epstein left the club without
any prior notice to join the Chicago Cubs. Ben Cherington stepped up as new GM and then the entire setup of the organisation was rearranged for the better before the upcoming 2012 season.
Among all steps, was the close consideration on the Triple-A catcher in 2011 season, Ryan Lavarnway. The energetic young man launched 39 home-runs between his double-A and triple-A and got a chance at big league level in mid-August for a few games. He got
another call in September and helped the club into a close win launching two home-runs on the second last day of the regular season. It also provided the Red Sox another chance to get into the post-season.
Jarrod Saltalamacchia serving as strong catcher but Ryan might have a chance at different location if David Ortiz did not accept the arbitration offer placed by the Red Sox last week. The perfect swings of the young player made him the best prospect to replace
the designated hitter.
Continued in Part 2
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