Brumbies squad updated – Super Rugby update

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Brumbies squad updated – Super Rugby update
Tony Rea, the coach for Brumbies has shown faith in his team even after losing last week from Highlanders. Rea believes his side can still produce results in the upcoming fixture in Canberra against Hurricanes.
Rea, along with his squad is looking forward to give an end to this losing streak of five games. Brumbies will be hosting the fixture, as Hurricanes will take on this weekend on the currently weaker side. One more defeat for Brumbies would make their worst
record in history. Last time they had a bad phase, it was in1998 when they lost five games in a row and losing to Hurricanes will take them to a six games losing streak.
Pat McCabe, the utility back has been called on bench by Rea. McCabe was absent from the previous two games, due to a hamstring strain. His presence on the field against Hurricanes totally depends on his form in the training camp to be held on Thursday.
Selectors will be keeping a close eye on his moves, as he strives to make his way back to the squad.
There are a few changes made in the backline for the upcoming fixture. It has been supported by the critics as a clever and good move, as Matt Toomua, Matt Giteau and Christian Lealiifano team up in the backline to make a dangerous defense. The flexible
movement and rapid speed that Giteau and Toomua provide is remarkable and Rea will be depending a lot on them.
On the other hand, Giteau, the skipper was very positive and expressed his excitement for the new combination. He believes it will work out to be a positive move on Saturday against the Hurricanes. He said, “Whichever way we go we've got to stick with it
for a while and trust in it. You've got to stick with those three ... whatever way you decide you've got to stick with it to really get those combinations going.”
Talking to media, he added, “Injuries are out of our control so that will disrupt things, but where you can I think you'd like to have the same normality of having the same team.”



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