Bucs’ Coach Raheem Morris still believes in playoffs chance – NFL News

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Bucs’ Coach Raheem Morris still believes in playoffs chance – NFL News
Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on a five game losing streak and things don’t look too bright for the National Football Conference South team. The Bucs are 4-7 and 3rd in the NFC South with a minimal chance to get back into
the playoffs.
Coach Raheem Morris however is not giving up on making the playoffs and reaffirmed his confidence in his players’ abilities. Talking to reporters on Monday he said
"We remain committed to growing as a football team," Morris said Monday "I don't think the mentality of this team is ever going to change."
"They're not done playing, and we're not done coaching," he said. "We'll keep going out there and keep giving it our best effort. I don't see any quit in these guys."
Buccaneers lost their game week 12 encounter against Tennessee Titans on Sunday with a 23-17 loss. They had a 7 point lead over Titans at the end of the third quarter but their recent inability to finish off opponents came back
to haunt them.
Titans rallied in the fourth quarter courtesy of a touchdown through Damian Williams and two field goals by Rob Binoras to take a six point lead over the Bucs. Tampa Bay had possession of the ball with a minute of regular time
left but quarterback Josh Freeman fumbled on the fourth down and gave away a costly turnover with 40 seconds left in the game. The Titans managed to run out the clock easily and win the encounter.
Cornerback Aqib Talib also lent his two-cents about Tampa Bay Buccaneers current problems saying on Monday
“We’ve just got to find a way,” Talib said. “It’s all about finding a way. We go out there and play on Sunday, we try to win. Stuff happened and we lost. It’s football.”
Talib is also getting frustrated with his team’s lack of victories and wants his team to work hard to find a solution to their current problems.
Tampay Bay Buccaneers are now preparing for the visit of Carolina Panthers for their National Football League game week 13 match on Sunday December 4th. With the Panthers in more trouble with form than Bucs it will be
a great opportunity for Raheem Morris’s squad to get back to winning ways.



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