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how much does it sell for in america

and how should i talk my parents into getting one

cuz i played it over my friends house and absolutly loveddd it and i dont even like video games lol




  1. 250, and tell them it's good for exercise and will bring you family closer together.  Then if that doesn't work, beg and steal.  

  2. $250 dollars. Just tell them you want it cause it will help you get active while playing a video game. and also it has things like the internet channel, forecast channel, new channel, and picture channel that they can use as well.  

  3. 250 new, less used if you can find one, They have tons of great games have them check it out online or maybe borrow your friends, once they see it they will buy you two.

  4. $249.99

  5. $250 +tax and u spelled nintendo wrong u spelled nitendo

  6. The wii is the cheapest game system that is up to date. It costs around $250. Tell your parents that its a great family game system and that if you want to exercise while having fun, tell them they should get wii fit!
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