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dose wii speak let u talk to ur friends with out buying animal crossing




  1. Wii Speak is going to also be used in The Conduit, which means it is going to be used for other games as well as Animal Crossing. Wii Speak will be sold at the same time (but seperate) as Animal Crossing for $29.99

  2. All we really know about Wii Speak right now is that it will allow a room full of people to talk with another room full of people.  Also, it will not come with Animal Crossing, it is 29.99 separately, which leads me to think that either there will be other games being released at that time that will also use Wii Speak, or you WILL be able to talk to friends with WiiConnect24 anytime you want.

    I hope I helped you!  

  3. We are unsure as of yet to the extent that the Wii Speak will work. I hope (as do others) that there will be a Wii Speak Channel where you can talk to your friends without playing Animal Crossing. Also, Im sure that future games will incorporate Wii Speak.

    But as of right now, a lot of stuff is open to speculation, as Nintendo has not released all the information on Wii Speak.

  4. the speaker for the wii will be use to talk to other people like the xbl  headset.

    Just diffrent the game has to support it. which conduit is an fpa/fps

    which will be using it.

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