Does Wii Sports come with every Wii even if there is another game included?

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I want to buy a Wii, and I'm a bit confused. If i get it from Best Buy, I get the basic set, and wii sports. but at another place, i can get double the remotes, a charger, and a game (wii play). what im wondering is even if i get the set with wii play, will i still get wii sports with it as well?




  1. Ya u should. It comes in the wii box. And the whole box is included in the bundle. I think they legally have to give you wii sports with it. Cause Nintendo included it. They cant sell seperately. So dont worry ull get wii sports.

  2. yes u always get wii sport when u buy a wii  

  3. if somebody sells a wii used or new with no wii sports they are stupid.

    if its a person like eBay then you might want to make sure it has wii sports but if its never been opened and/or sold at a place like walmart target best buy blockbuster toys r us, etc then it will have it.  if you can you might want to contact the seller and check it out.

  4. Yes - the second offer is a bundle package. It's still the same basic Wii backage, but with extra game thrown in by the store as an extra incentive for you to buy it.

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