Nitendo Wii - please help!!?

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I want to know whether the Nintendo Wii is worth buying at this stage? Has it got good reviews? Will there be a another model of the nintendo Wii in the near future and how long do you think until it comes out? Will it be cheaper after Christmas? I'm not too worried about the price though lol .but is it worth getting (i currently have a nintendo 64 and xbox) should i get it?

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  1. yeah get one! Nintendo doesn't plan on having a new console out for another few year i think.

    i don't think the price will go down that much.

    yeah it def. worth getting

  2. You should get the Wii. I own one, and it is worth the money. Plenty of fabulous games are out for the Wii, and still more are going to be released. You can get the news, weather, and even the internet on the Wii, and they have a Wii Shop channel which is constantly coming out with cheaply priced games. Also, you can create tons of Miis and even play games with them. I don't think Nintendo is planning to release any new consoles for at least a couple of years, and the price of the Wii isn't going down significantly any time soon. The only bad thing about the Wii is that if it breaks, it's a hassle to get repaired. Also, it's not portable (naturally) which is a shame because they have so many car-worthy games.

  3. Don't worry about price cuts & remodels - those only happen when a consoles sales have started to decline, and the company needs to bring hype back up. Right now is a great time to buy, since there's a great lineup of already released titles, and a fine selection still to come.

  4. Get a xbox 360 if you like good multiplayer games and fun ones.

    Get wii if you just like fun games.

  5. Sam... there won't be another new console by ANYONE for at least a couple of years... so, right now IS a good time to buy one!!

    There won't be a new model of the Nintendo Wii... it has been and continues to sell like HOTCAKES!!  I even doubt that it will be cheaper after this upcoming Christmas because it is selling so well!!

    The question really comes down to what games do you like better???

    Do you like the Mario themed games and that kind of stuff that you have for your Nintendo 64... OR, do you prefer the kind of games that you have for your Xbox??

    If you like the Mario games better... than DEFINITELY pick up a Nintendo Wii!!!  They're great and people love 'em to death!!

    However, if you prefer the kind of games that are on the Xbox... than think about picking up an Xbox360 instead!!  You can get one for less than 300 bucks now... so, they are not much more than the Wii...

    Me, personally, I've been playing video games since the old Atari days and I love my Nintendo Wii!!!  I think it's the best thing since PB and J!!!

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