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Are you allowed to rent game consoles from Blockbuster because I sent my Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repair. Best answer gets 10 pts




  1. no

  2. yes one of the local video rental stores where i live. lend out game consloes. just go to a video store that isn't as big as blockbuster. or the movie house. go to an personley ownd video house, and they should have one for rent.

  3. Sorry, not since the 90's could you rent anything but movies and games.

  4. No, but Aaron's has them available to rent.

  5. no not from blockbuster but there are many other rental stores that offer consoles for renting.

    personally, i have rogers video store in Canada that offers both games and consoles for rental. I'm sure there are many stores in America and all over the world as well

    i recommend waiting for your console because it usually comes back within max two weeks, and even with a one month gold membership for compensation.

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