Xbox 360 wireless adapter?

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where is a good place to buy an xbox 360 wireless adapter for a low price.( Even if its used)Best Answer 10 points




  1. Going to gamestop,best buy,or wal-mart,all have perfect prices. mostly anywhere now because the price went down.

  2. none of those answers are good.

    the best place to get it is your local unless you live in a small city. if you live in a big city there are a lot of people selling there wireless adapters for 50 dollars or less, the best part is that you can pick it up in person and request for them to hook it up to there 360 to verify it is working.

    if you dont live in a big city then use ebay you can get it cheaper then eb games or gamestop

    i bought mine for 50 dollars off of some guy on craigslist and it works perfectly!!

  3. well, clearly gamestop that's where I bought mine I'll give you a link and you can check if it's in your area or if you think it's too expensive try finding it in the newspaper for sale of something good luck hunting

  4. Ebay or

    I strongly suggest powerline rather than wireless.  Wireless is usually cheaper, but that is not true in the case of xbox.

    Check out these links:

  5. EB Games would probably have a used one. If you want a new one, than go to Best Buy, Walmart or something like that. Any place that sells Xbox 360 equipment should have it.

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