How do you clean out the dust in an xbox 360?

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My 360 has alot of dust where the fan is and i want to know if u could open it up and clean it or will it break. How do u clean xbox?




  1. Well, there are HOW TO CLEAN YOUR XBOX 360 guidelines on the web, just search it on google.

    Just be very careful and read atleast 3 times.

  2. You should never open a game console and try to work on it. The best way to clean out the dust would be to spray some canned air into it. You can get it at almost any store, and it comes with a little tube so you can spray it in tight areas, such as into your XBOX.

  3. there is a disk you put in that cleans out the system it is really helpful and neat i have used it.  if that does not work than call xbox customer support at 1 800 469 9269.

  4. Don't open it.  If you do, you'll void the warranty.  You can use one of those portable hand held vacuum to get dust out of the grates.  For the inside, just use one of those compressed air in a can.

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