Nick Heidfeld enthusiastic about his return to Formula 1

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Nick Heidfeld enthusiastic about his return to Formula 1
Nick Heidfeld will be returning to Formula 1 with Sauber at the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend. The German driver was relieved and excited after this decision, as he will probably race with the team in 2011 as well.
“I can't wait to get back in the race car. I am not just very much looking forward to going racing again, as I regard it as a special bonus that my first race will be the Singapore Grand Prix. Two years ago this race immediately became one of my favourites”,
said Heidfeld.
Sauber decided to replace their driver Pedro de la Rosa with Nick Heidfeld for the remaining 2010 season and he expects the car to perform at its best this weekend.
“Of course I can hardly imagine how the circuit will suit the car as I haven't driven it yet, but according to everything I saw and from what I have heard, the performance should be better in Singapore compared to Monza”, he added.
Nick said that the team found out that he could use his seat from last year hopefully, which will make it easier for him. However, the team will still have to work a lot on the car and it will give Heidfeld a good feeling as it was a very decent as it will
save the time to fine tune its fitting.  
“I'm also very much looking forward to really getting to know James Key and my team-mate, Kamui [Kobayashi], and working with both of them”, said the German.
Heidfeld was expected to test for the new tyre suppliers for next season but it seems that luck is on his side. The 33-year-old driver hopes to perform at his best and is excited about returning to the full time driver’s routine. Nick Heidfeld was the test
driver for team Mercedes this year until Pirelli offered him a spot as their official test driver. The 33-year-old hopes to make a mark in the Formula 1 in the near future.
Nick Heidfeld started his Formula 1 career in 2000 after signing with team Prost. The German was not able to score any points in his debut season but his driving abilities impressed Sauber. The team offered him a spot for the following year and gave Heidfeld
his first podium that year. The 33 year old signed with the team for another 2 years after scoring 12 points with the team to secure the 8th place in the drivers’ standings. Sadly, this was his best performance with the team as he was not able to
score some decent points. He joined team Williams in 2005 after a disappointing season with team Jordan in 2004. Nick still struggled, as he was only able to score a total of 19 points to secure the 13th place in the drivers’ standings.  Heidfeld
decided to join BMW Sauber the following year in the team’s debut year and managed to lift his career to another level.
Nick helped the team secure a solid 5th place with 36 points in the constructors’ championship in its debut season. The team was able to score its best performance the following year after scoring the 2nd place in the constructors’
standings and gave Nick his best season as well as he was able to secure the 5th place after scoring 61 points. Heidfeld followed this performance by another solid season, as he was able to score 60 points in 2008 to secure the 6th place
in the drivers’ standings. However, the team was not able to perform up to the mark the following year as they secured a disappointing 6th place after scoring 36 points in the constructors’ standings. The team is struggling this year as well after
Heidfeld’s departure and hope to regain their pace after the German’s return to the team. It will be interesting to see how the 33 year old performs at the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend.



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