Ehsan Mani criticizes PCB- Pakistan’s former cricketers resentful; advise him to keep his opinion with himself

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Ehsan Mani criticizes PCB- Pakistan’s former cricketers resentful; advise him to keep his opinion with himself
Former Pakistan fast bowler,’s outburst against Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) regarding the recent spot-fixing controversy.
Ehsan Mani, who was the ICC President from 2003 to 2006, was quoted in the latest issue of a cricket magazine as saying: “We have to be honest - there has been a failure in the system in Pakistan here and certainly Pakistan should be accountable to the ICC
to explain how it's gone so wrong."
Mani’s statement came at a time when the Yard and ICC’s Anticorruption and Security Unit seem to be concluding their findings on the spot-fixing allegations and soon a prosecution process may start. Maturity and tactfulness was expected of him,
after all he had held the highest executive post in the supreme governing body of world cricket, but it appears as if Mr. Mani isn’t well aware of the current happenings in Pakistan cricket.
Through his somewhat premature and irresponsible statements, he happens to be scorning both the Pakistan cricket and the ongoing investigations. Meanwhile, former Pakistan cricketers have been disappointed by Ehsan Mani’s statement arguing that nobody has
yet been proven guilty in the spot-fixing scandal.
Pakistan’s former legendry pacer, Wasim Akram, in his reaction said that despite the fact that this former ICC President is a Pakistani, he has never represented his country in the sport nor has he been associated with any of the subcontinent’s other cricket
playing nations including Wasim claimed that the person speaking against PCB had never watched even a first-class cricket match.
He also objected to the fact that the prolific players from subcontinent, like legendary Imran Khan or the Indian and England – all these one-Test wonders – get the job.” Another of Pakistan’s
former cricketers, Sarfaraz Nawaz, also slammed Ehsan for his statement, advising him to keep his expert opinion with him and instead wait for the investigation results.
The former Test cricketer went a step ahead alleging that Ehsan himself was a match-fixer who had tried to fix a 1999 World Cup match between arch rivals, Pakistan and India but he (Sarfaraz) informed the related authorities beforehand so Mani failed in
his attempt.
Meanwhile, Mani has further been quoted in the magazine saying that when the novices join the international cricket, ICC gives them a one-to-one orientation on how they might be negotiated by the bookies. "But the board is clearly not getting the
message through to its players. The onus is on the PCB to explain how players under its control could behave like this," said Ehsan.
The 65-year-old claimed that he felt dejected by the spot-fixing scandal involving a number of Pakistani cricketers that emerged during the final Test of the Pak-Eng series. However, he declined the justification that the Pakistani players are poorly paid
as compared to their international counterparts.



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