Golf Update: Jean Hugo wins the Stellenbosch stop at his home ground

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Golf Update: Jean Hugo wins the Stellenbosch stop at his home ground
What was foreseen just took place. Jean Hugo claimed victory at the Stellenbosch stop of Vodacom Business Origins of Golf Tour.
Only yesterday, the news flashed that the Hugo had smashed a 67 in the second round of the tournament, and he was going in the final with a lead of three strokes. He was followed by Shaun Norris. However, right now, news of his triumphing
at the home ground has hit the golf world and is making waves.
According to the media reports, Hugo took the course with a blaze after the fifth hole. Initially he was very calm and quiet but when he saw Oliver Bekker smashing five birdies in the first nine hole, Hugo had to pick pace and this is what he did. Indeed,
when he started, he made it count. Hugo aced the par five, eight hole of 442-metres  to  record a score of  three-under 33. Later, he birdied the 10th hole but missed a shot at the 12th; however, to pull the lead back onto the track,
he posted three successive birdies at the final holes.
As a record, this was Hugo Jean’s second victory in the Origins series. Earlier, he claimed a title in the starting event at Gardener Ross outside Pretoria in April.
According to the boy with old Bobby Locke two irons, he was very pleased with his performance as the course was a tough field. He said that he really felt special while he was on the greens, and the reason behind this feeling was the large crowd that was
walking with him as a gesture of support and love.
The management of the club had earlier confirmed the presence of a huge crowd on the last day of the tournament. According to the president o f the Club, “people were eager to support the boy whom they use to see in his childhood holding a lousy white bag
with his clubs in it.”
Regarding the venue, the Stellenbosch country club is a traditional course with longer tees and undulating greens. Therefore, the ideal condition to reach the greens is with the help of low shaft clubs such as 7-iron to wedge but Hugo did a good job. He
knew the course too well, despite the fact that he was facing trouble on the front nines, which according to the player were quite trickier. Hugo’s victory at the course was certain, as he grew up while playing for the club.
Apart from Hugo, another player outshined on the final day and he too was the member of the club. Oliver Bekker, in particular, made a real charge at Hugo with five birdies on the opening nine. However, he was unable to continue it, as he failed to get his
putts to go down on the back nine. Despite that he managed to post two more birdies to finish with a score of 65 in the third place. This was Bekker’s best performance on the Sunshine Tour.
Furthermore, another player gave a tough time to the winner. This player was Shaun Norris, the runner-up of the tournament. He started to tee-off, while it was still raining in the first round and finished it with a even par 72.This was the round that pushed
him below Hugo or else he would have won with a 64 in the second round and 66 in the final.
As for Bekker and Norris, they should keep one thing in mind that it is not easy to beat Hugo. The trio will meet again in Vodacom the series finale at Oubaai on October 13th, 2010.
This is it for the Hugo Jeans who has won the Stellenbosch stop of the Vodacom Business Origins of Golf Tour at the course of Stellenbosch Country Club. He was followed by Shaun Norris at the second spot and Oliver Bekker at the third.



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