La Liga News: Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and his agent talk about the player’s future

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La Liga News: Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and his agent talk about the player’s future

The agent of prodigal French player Karim Benzema has reiterated that the 22 year old striker is not heading out of Bernabeu.
Speculation had been rife all summer that the former Lyon player will make his move from Los Blancos after not being able to perform for Real Madrid and therefore lacking in appearances.
During the summers it was becoming more and more likely as bids flew in from around the block for the forward however Benzema contradicted his earlier statements when he said he was looking for another club. Afterwards he stated that he will be not be leaving
Real Madrid for another club.
It was heard that Benzema had a couple of tussles with the former Real Madrid Manuel Pellegrini. During the season Benzema was given very little chance to perform and Benzema used this excuse to advocate his poor performance in the La Liga.
Matters at Bernabeu had become quite unstable especially after the change of management and the arrival of new players in the club. With the arrival of fresh blood into the club many players had decided to leave the Spanish giants as they would not be able
to feature in matches.
With the end of the transfer window on the 31st of August, it became apparent that under the new manager, Jose Mourinho Benzema would be getting more appearances than before.
Benzema however wants to star in the starting line up and that has been a problem for the club. The Chosen One, Mourinho has been playing him in the second half as a substitute but in earnest he could be out done by many.
In this situation rumours were sparking up again in France and Spain that the French international will be making a move out of the club. Real Madrid of course will not be effected much as they are after all, the richest club in the world.
Nevertheless they will be parting from a very talented player that has been described by many as to become the next Zinedine Zidane. The French player of Algerian descent has many similarities with the French legend.
Benzema has been noted to have a very similar game to the midfielder and overtime he has been looked forward to as a replacement of the club’s former phenomenon, Zidane.
Benzema who has time and again stated that he will not be leaving the club, is forced to announce again that he will not be making a move to another club. The agent of Benzema has ruled out that any possibility of the player making a move out Real Madrid
whether it is in January or in the summers.
The latest from Spain is that the striker might be transferred to his former club Lyon in January. Benzema indeed has many admirers in France and the top notch French club would certainly love to get their hands back on the former player who had performed
brilliantly for them.
Last season Benzema was featured in just 14 La Liga games and he scored just 8 goals over all. In comparison to his tenure with Lyon the player was a major difference maker for the club.
In 2004 Benzema started his career for Lyon in 2004 and went on to play till 2009. For Lyon Benzema has took part in 150- fixtures and has scored 67 goals for them. He has also assisted in 16 times.
After his transfer to Real Madrid in 2009 he has capped 35 times and scored 10 times along with 4 assists. On the other hand for France he has been part of 29 matches and scored 9 times.



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