McLaren determined to fight to the very end of the season

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McLaren determined to fight to the very end of the season 
McLaren’s duo of Lewis Hamilton and World Champion Jensen Button are determined to fight till the very end of the season as the F1 calendar enters its final stage. This season has turned out to be quite close as several drivers
are in contention for championship. Mark Webber, Hamilton, Button and Feranando Alonso are all hopeful of securing the championship at the end of this season.
Lewis Hamilton who had an awful race at Monza is confident of making a comeback in the next race at Singapore. The British driver retired from the Italian Grand Prix after he crashed out during the race. Hamilton made a close contact
with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa’s rear wheel which broke the steering of his car causing him to lose control and crashing at the next corner. Hamilton’s poor run continued in the Italian Grand Prix as this was second time in three races in which former World Champions
had to retire during the race. Earlier, a gearbox problem brought his race to an end in Hungary. Despite the recent string of poor performances, he is only five points behind Red Bull's Mark Webber in drivers’ championship. Commenting on his recent results,
Hamilton said: “I've had two non-finishes and one win in the last three races - and, while that's not bad, it does mean that I lost points to some of the other drivers in the hunt for the title, and those results aren't enough to get me the title. I’ll keep
pushing. I'll take each race as it comes, I go to Singapore to win.”
McLaren team Principal, Martin Whitmarsh has also come in front in defence of his driver and assured him of his full support. He has also asked Hamilton not to change his approach of racing despite recent poor results. Hamilton
has also welcomed the support from his team’s boss. According to him, such support always helps drivers during rough patches and it will also allow him to bounce back in future. Hamilton is hopeful that he will stage a comeback in next race. He said: “I got
up on Monday morning and I was already focused on the next race, improving the car, and closing in on the world championship.”
On the other hand, Jenson Button is determined to give fight till the very last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Button produced an improved performance at Monza as he came second to eventual winner Alonso. This result also reduced
the gap of driver’s championship points for Button to 22. With 125 still available in coming races, it could be anyone’s game this season. Moreover, Button is confident of defending his F1 Championship. He said, “Now, you can't help but look at the drivers'
championship table and just think, 'wow, how can it be so close?' It's funny after Spa, everyone was saying it was a two-horse race between Lewis and Mark, but I can easily see this championship going right down to the last race.”
However, Button was disappointed over the fact that he missed out the chance of winning the Italian Grand Prix. His team called him earlier for a pit-stop which enabled Fernando Alonso to take the decisive lead. Commenting on Italian
Grand Prix, he said: “I had mixed emotions on Sunday. Obviously, I wanted to win the race and, having led most of it, that was probably an achievable ambition; but I also managed to score some very useful points over the guys ahead of me in the championship.
And that gave me a great feeling.” But Button accepted the fact that his car was not fast enough to compete against Fernando’s Ferrari. “So I think the team played its card properly, it's just that there were a number of factors that were always going to work
hard against us to ensure that a victory was difficult.”




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