Formula One - Cruising through 2010 with Mark Webber

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Formula One - Cruising through 2010 with Mark Webber
Mark Webber is happy once again! With the last race of the season, the Italian Grand Prix, he was able to slip back to the top place in the Drivers’ Championship, not majorly because he did very well rather because, Lewis Hamilton had to pack the race pointless
after making a poor move right at the start of the race, which made him lose his top position to Webber.
The season had seen the two drivers shift places every now and then. The throne of the Drivers’ Charts had seen the two exchange places a number of times, however, after the last month’s race, the Belgian Grand prix, it seemed that the two had a clear advantage
over all the other drivers of the season. Many people even predicted that the final tug for the title would be between the two; however, the last week’s race had altered the perception yet once again. Hamilton walked out of the race last week pointless, while
Webber had his day wrapped at sixth place earning just eight points.
The season had been a tough one for the Australian driver despite having the best car, yet he kept fighting back all controversies and team issues with great spirits and energy, maintaining his lead and being the only driver this year to have bagged four
race wins so far.
The year started off lousy for him as he brought home just four points from the first race after ending the season starter at Bahrain on eighth place. The next round, held in his home town, Australia was even worse bringing only another two points for him.
However, the team as well as the driver saw fruit of all their hard work in Malaysia, where Webber not only did brilliantly well at the qualifying but also was great on the race day, and ended at second place on the podium. Nevertheless, it was followed
by another average race-end in China, as he finished this race hardly at eighth place.
The 34-year-old driver had his stars shinning bright, as he entered the Spanish Grand Prix and earned the first race win of the season followed by his second victory at Monaco, which brought him to the top of the charts. The Red Bull’s RB6 was evidently
the fastest car of the season on the track, threatening all the other teams which were unable to chase its fierce velocity.
However, things had a twist at the Turkish Grand Prix, when the other side of the team came forward very evidently as the two team drivers, Webber and Sebastian Vettel collided with each other in Istanbul, while they were at the verge of a one-two finish
for the team. Their in-team fight resulted in Vettel’s retirement from the race, and Webber had to settle for third place, handing first two places to the McLaren men.  At the Canadian Grand Prix, the distressed driver made up to fifth place, where once again
the top two places were occupied by both the McLaren drivers.
At the European race Webber’s car took breath of all his fans; it was seen performing a complete somersault in the air. However, the driver was lucky to come out of the accident unharmed but had to end the day pointless.
Later, the determined racer did all his best to earn another two race wins, one at Silverstone and the other in Budapest, thus claiming his top place back from Lewis Hamilton just before leaving for summer break.
The Belgian Grand Prix last month saw the Red Bull driver at second place, while Hamilton snatched back the throne of driver’s charts from him but only for two weeks time. Weber claimed it back once again last week at Monza, for he drove out of the race
as being the man with the highest points under his belt, making a total of one hundred and eight seven points.



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