New York Giants targeting New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady – NFL News Update

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New York Giants targeting New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady – NFL News Update
To achieve their lost glory, the New York Giants are just one win away from grabbing the prestigious National Football League (NFL) title. To ensure they win the Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants are going to target the central playmaker of New England Patriots,
Tom Brady.
Brady, who was also selected as the starting quarterback for the American Football Conference (AFC) Pro Bowl squad, has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories.
He has been playing with the Pats after starting his professional NFL career with the franchise in 2000.
This year is by far his best season. In 16 games he played in the regular season, Brady completed 401 passes of 611 attempts for 5,235 yards. He threw 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions and received a quarterback rating of 105.6.
The Pats have played two games in the postseason where Brady completed 48 passes of 70 attempts for 602 yards while throwing six touchdowns and three interceptions and got a quarterback rating of 105.8.
With such a brilliant record and an exploding form throughout the season, one might not hesitate to wonder that Brady will be the biggest threat to the Giants.
Giants’ defensive end, Justin Tuck, thinks that his team’s defence will have to adopt unusual tactics to counter Brady.
He is of the view that Brady is a player who read’s the opponents very smartly and outdo them quite easily.
“If he gets a sense of what you want to do to him before he snaps that ball, it is going to be pretty much impossible to stop him with the weapons that he has around him and his knowledge of defences. He is a clutch player in his own right. It is going to
be a chess match.”
Brady’s outstanding game-play is also acknowledged by his Giants’ counterpart, Eli Manning.
While commenting on Brady’s performance, Manning said that Brady is a good quarterback, who makes impressive plays.
“He’s definitely a quarterback that you watch just because he was obviously having success in those years and over the past years he’s played at an extremely high level – his playmaking ability, his movement in the pocket, playing smart football,” he said.
Manning and Brady were also a part of their respective teams when these two sides met in the Super Bowl of the NFL 2007-08 season.
Manning proved to be the best after leading the Giants to victory, but this time Brady would try to take the honour to his name.



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