New England Patriots’, Tom Brady promises better play in Super Bowl – NFL News Update

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New England Patriots’, Tom Brady promises better play in Super Bowl – NFL News Update
New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady has vowed to come up with a better performance in the Super Bowl game next Monday. The promise was made to the Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft.
Brady had been quite inconsistent in his performance against the Baltimore Ravens, in the AFC Championship game last Sunday.
Brady threw two interceptions in the game, while completing just 22 of 36 passes for 239 yards. Though it was not a bad performance by any standards, yet it was his lowest this season.
However, Brady had managed to lead his team to the Super Bowl event by plunging into a 1-yard bold touchdown dive in the fourth quarter of the game which helped Patriots surge ahead of Ravens.
Brady, now focused on the Super Bowl game, denies that the Ravens' game will have any impact on the Super Bowl game.
"I'm always trying to play better. Every player on this team is trying to play better every week," he said.
Brady added:
"I'm glad we won that game, glad we're sitting in this position now. I think a lot of guys played really well and that's what it is going to take again this week. I always have private conversations with Mr. Kraft, but they're
supposed to be private. I guess they're not."
The next challenge though comes from New York Giants who also made it to the Super Bowl after defeating San Francisco 49ers.
Giants have since long been a source of worry for the quarterback.
Recently Brady admitted that the 2008 Super Bowl loss to New York Giants still continues to trouble him to the extent that he still can not watch the highlights of that game.
"As time goes on, I still can't watch highlights from that game" he said.
Giants defeated Patriots back in the 2008 Super Bowl game to deny them a perfect season.
Giants’ onslaught against Patriots has not been restricted to just Super Bowl 2008.
They came out to rout the Patriots, 24-20, in week nine of the regular season.
What made it more worrying for Brady was the fact that Patriots committed four turnovers in the game and Brady was responsible for three of those turnovers which cost them the game. Brady had two interceptions and one fumble that
day as well.
It remains to be seen whether Brady will be able to fulfil his promise and rise up to the occasion when they face the Giants in Super Bowl the next Monday.
Brady had done pretty well after the week 9 loss, as the Patriots have gone on to win their next ten games.



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