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in world of warcraft, i was looking at the auction house. How do you tell what the current bid for an item is. What does it mean when the under current bid it says buyout??




  1. its sold

  2. u have to find it inside and buyout means some1 might buy it out

  3. The current bid is listed above the buyout price. The buyout price is what price you can pay now to recieve the item instantly. Try to think of it like ebay, the "buyout" is the "buy it now" price. The WoW website can help you cover almost every question you will have when you first start playing. Hope this helps.

  4. Current Bid IS the current bid, thats how high the bidding is up on it. Buyout is kinda like eBay's "Buy it Now", you pay that price (the Buyout price) and get the item immediately, no bidding or anything.

  5. If an auction has a buyout price, it means that is the current price that you can "buy out" the auction for immediately.  If you want to bid on an item, the price appears as "current bid" on the far right hand column.

  6. Per each item, the top price is bid. Say it's for 1 silver. You hit bid and see how much time is left on the bid (Long, very long, etc. - You can only put an item up for 24 or 48 hours before it's sent back to the owner via mail) and if you bid on it, you pay 1 silver. If time runs out and no one else bids on it, you get it in the mail. If someone else bids on it, the price goes up a little bit from 1 silver to, say, 1 silver and 25 copper (guessing).

    The "But out button" is either equal to or greater than the bid price. If you hiut "buy out" you buy it immediately and it gets sent to you via mail. =)

    Hope this helped!


    I forgot to add, if you "bid" on something and someone "outbids" you (bids on it after you do for a little bit higher price), you get your money back in the mail.

  7. The current bid for an item is  the amount of gold,silver,or copper you see to te far right of the item you want.Lets say a pair of pants costs 2 silver.You can bid on that item for a minimal of 2 silver.But another person who wants the same pair of pants and  may bid higher than you and get them instead.It may take up to a couple of minutes to a couple of days to get the item you want or if someone out bids wont get the item.

    Now for should see two areas of money on the far right of the item you want.the first one you can ignore the one below it is the buyout price you should be looking at.for example u want a pair of gloves...the buyout price is 3 silver.if you click buyout you will automatically pay 3 silver and get the gloves immediatly in the mail.

    hope this helps:)

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