Los Angeles Angels hammer Chicago White Sox 4-2 – MLB Recap

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Los Angeles Angels hammer Chicago White Sox 4-2 – MLB Recap
Los Angeles Angels hammered Chicago White Sox 4-2 in the second game of their three-match regular series encounter on Saturday, September 22 at Angel Stadium in California.
Angels’ entire roster played aggressive and outclassed the White Sox in style.
Dan Haren composed himself on the mound for six solid innings and received only two runs and six hits along with one homer. He struck-out four while he maintained his ERA at 4.35.
"We're really positive, It's really a testament to the leaders on the team. Torii (Hunter) has gotten his point across that we're not going to give up until we're eliminated or we win," Haren said later in the game as he told the media in detail regarding his and the team's performance.      
He added, "Two double plays were big, For the most part I was keeping the ball down. That's a really good lineup."
Along with Angels’ starter, the relief pitchers also did well and provided a good win to their team.
Relief pitcher Nick Maronde received one hit while Garrett Richards also did well on his short spell.
Albert Pujols impressed with the bat as he scored one run and smashed one hit along with an RBI. He did well on his four at-bats as he also maintained his slugging percentage at .522.
Second baseman Howard Kendrick also played aggressive on his three at-bats as he scored one run and smashed one hit along with his consistent .387 slugging percentage.
White Sox on the other hand, could not handle the pressure and lost the game with bitter humiliation.
"This is baseball and guys should be having fun doing it, There's stress and stuff like that because you want to win games, but we'd rather be doing this than trying to ruin somebody else's postseason chances," said White Sox manager Robin Ventura.
Their pitchers and batters did not play well and could not stop the Angels determination.
Starter Jose Quintana pitched five innings and received four runs and six hits. He struck-out three while his ERA also rose to 3.62 which ultimately proved disastrous for the White Sox.



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