Los Angeles Dodgers hammered by Cincinnati Reds 0-6 – MLB Recap

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Los Angeles Dodgers hammered by Cincinnati Reds 0-6 – MLB Recap
Los Angeles Dodgers got hammered by the Cincinnati Reds 0-6 in the second game of their three-match regular series encounter on Saturday, September 22 at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.
"It's a shame he's not here, He digs this stuff. He's missed, there's no doubt about that," said third baseman Scott Rolen on his team’s performance as he talked to the media briefly.         
Dodgers played poorly and received a huge defeat. Their experience batters and pitchers did not play well and lost in the end with bitter humiliation.
“It's not the same as two years ago, but I'll take it, We've been taking care of business for quite a while, so we knew this was coming. Today is a nutshell of what we've been doing all season," said Bruce later in the game as he explained about his team’s overall performance.          
On the other hand, Reds played aggressive and literally outclassed the Dodgers.
Their batters and pitchers played tremendously as they provided a healthy win for the Reds.
“A couple of years ago, we were a surprise, It kind of crept up on us. We didn't expect it. This year, we felt we had something to prove," said Joey Votto.
Mat Latos pitched eight innings and did not receive any run or hit. He retired seven Dodgers' batters and maintained his 3.60 ERA with enormous consistency.
Closer Aroldis Chapman pitched one inning as he also did not receive any run or hit. He finished his short spell with confidence as he also maintained his ERA at 1.57.
Reds’ batters also did well on the plate and batted offensively.
"He is here everywhere, He is here in spirit, and everybody knows he's here," owner Bob Castellini said of injured Dusty Baker later in the game.   
Second baseman Brandon Phillips scored two runs and smashed two hits on his three at-bats along with one RBI. He kept the Dodgers under pressure and helped his team to oust their opponents with a big margin.
Third baseman Todd Frazier scored one run on two hits. He also ran for an RBI and maintained his slugging percentage at .513 and proved one of the winning factors for the Reds.



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