Manchester City vs Arsenal - Premier League Match Report

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Manchester City played host to Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium, following both the teams Champions League clash this past week.
The match kicked off with both the teams going at it early on. looked to be dominating possession, but it was City who seemed to be creating the better chance.
Every time the Gunners got up front near the City goal, they went on to either lose the ball, or send their effort well wide of the mark.
However, for the most part, the North London club seemed to be dominating the game, despite the fact that it was being played at City’s home.
Nonetheless, City went on to assert their authority on the game, as they scored the opening goal of the match in the 40th minute of the game.
A corner was whipped in from the left and Lescott went on to head the ball into the top right corner of the goal.
As a result, the first half ended with City taking the lead into the break and seemingly on top of things.
The second half saw City starting right where they left off, Ageuro went on to create a couple of good chances, but some last ditched defending and some poor finishing from City saw the Gunners hang on in the game.
In the 66th minute, went on to create a brilliant chance for himself but despite opening space for himself to score, he failed to find the goal, and sent his effort well wide of the post.
The last twenty minutes saw Arsenal mount pressure on their opponents, as they went on to spend most of their time in City’s half.
However, City looked lethal on the counter and in the 79th minute, they broke forward and Mannone went on to make a brilliant save off of a Aguero shot at the near post.
Then in the 81st minute, Cazorla went on to open his body some twenty yards out and took a pop at goal. His effort was hit with precision, which saw Hart tip it behind for a corner.
The resulting corner was whipped in by Cazorla, and the ball fell to Koscielny. The defender then went on to smack the ball into the roof of the net, as he levelled things up in the game.
No one else could score another goal over the remainder of the game, and hence the two teams went on to share the points at the end of the game.



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