Friedel hits back at Barthez

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Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper has hit out at Fabien Barthez following the French goalkeeper’s ‘disrespectful’ comments.
The American goalkeeper has blasted the former Manchester United number 1 for saying that is better than Friedel, and will not be on the bench for long.
This all started following Tottenham’s high profile signing of Hugo Lloris. The international captain joined Spurs on deadline day in a last minute move from French giants Lyon.
The player was understood to be a high priority target for Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas, who was keen on signing him and viewed him as a long-term replacement for the aging Brad Friedel.
Last month, Friedel had given an interview where he stated that he will not be playing in the Premier League for long. The 41-year old veteran admitted that his playing time was coming to an end, and that he would not play at the highest professional level
for long.
He did however admit that as long as his body allows him, he will start in goal for Tottenham and was 100 percent focused on winning silverware with the club this season.
Following Lloris’s arrival, many expected the American to be restricted to the bench. However, this was not the case as a series of impressive performances in goal kept Lloris out of the squad. Villas-Boas had himself said that Lloris will have to prove
his worth if he hoped to replace Friedel as the club’s number 1 goalkeeper.
Lloris finally made his Spurs debut on Thursday night in the 0-0 stalemate against The player managed a clean sheet and was satisfied with his performance. Barthez had his say on the matter and said that Friedel will not be able to keep Lloris out
of the team for long.
"Lloris is one of the five best goalkeepers in the world. He is faster than Friedel, he jumps higher, and he is very strong mentally. What is happening now is incomprehensible. He will become the centre-piece for the club.”

" is a calm guy, a good worker. Tottenham will not let him stay on the bench for a long time."
These comments had outraged the American, who hit back at the Frenchman from his Twitter account.
"Just saw Barthez comments," Friedel wrote. "I normally don't comment on such c**p, but when disrespected by someone I don't respect I must.”

"Barthez was ignorant, disrespectful and out of order to mention my name."



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