Los Angeles Angels edge Chicago White Sox 6-5 – MLB Recap

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Los Angeles Angels edge Chicago White Sox 6-5 – MLB Recap
The Los Angeles Angels defeated the Chicago White Sox 6-5 in the second game of their three-match regular series encounter on Saturday, August 4 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.
Angels played aggressive from start of play and won in the end. They showed enormous amount of courage and never gave any chance to the White Sox offence to play them easy.
Angels’ batting line-up and at the same time pitchers played beautifully earned a great win for their team.
Slugger Albert Pujols showed his batting prowess as he stood tall against the White Sox pitchers and hammered them with big hits. He also added one run and two RBIs on his five at bats.
"Hopefully we're going to build from this and get a little more confidence in our bullpen," Angels' manager Mike Scioscia said with confidence and told the media about his team’s winning combination.           
On the other hand, the White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd pitched way-ward and was smashed for five runs, eight hits and five earned runs in his 6.1 innings spell. He also smashed for a homer as his ERA rose to 4.43 and proved one of the losing factors for the White Sox.                                               
White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski said, "I told him in the one at-bat, I'm like 'You're really good, man,' because he does it all, He makes those catches in the outfield look so good. He hits for power, he can run as fast as anyone I've seen in a long time. He plays the game right, plays the game hard, has a smile on his face. The Angels are lucky to have him and he's one of the best I've seen in a long time."
Angels’ pitchers however, played quite sensibly and earned a great victory for their team.
Starter Ervin Santana pitched six innings and allowed three runs and five hits. He also allowed two earned runs while he struck-out three White Sox batters.
Closer LaTroy Hawkins also supported well his team-mate starter and allowed only two runs, two hits and two earned runs. He struck-out two as his ERA remained consistent at 2.10.



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