What do I do when My 1 year old is super afraid of the loud vacuum?

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I find myself cleaning at night when he sleeps, so exhausting......




  1. i carry my daughter with me for a few minutes while i vacuum just so she knows everything is alright. at first she clings on really tight but then she gets distracted and wants to go play with her toys. she is 9 months old.

  2. Try this.  With the power off, have the child push it around as if he/she is working it.  Make vacuum sounds as the child moves it around.  When the child is more comfortable, then take it and say mommy needs to use it and try turning it on.

  3. All little kids dont like it becuase its SO loud to their little ears

    some kids run away laughing

    and some kids run away crying

    you just have to show them they is nothing to be afraid of

  4. My daughter is nearly 2 and still terrified of the vacuum.  So much so that I can't even mention vacuuming without her bottom lip quivering.  I have to wait for my husband to be home before I can vacuum and then he takes her into a different room and then tries to bring her back out when it has been started so that she sees that it isn't so bad.  I think we're making progress...I have a little dust buster that is quite loud and she barely flinches when I turn that on...of course, I think it helps that I call it the "baby vacuum." lol

  5. My neice is just the same! My sister and I overcame

    her fear by buying her, her own mini toy vacuum

    to let my neice know that using a vacuum is okay!

    -Hope this helped!

  6. Im on the same boat you are! my daughter is 19 months old and she wont go into a room if she sees the vacuum! her aunt scared her when she was about 6 month when she sucked up her hair playing  and now i have to vacuum at nap time with the radio playing loud! we even keep it in the hall closet and she wont go to bed unless her closet is closed too! i think its just soemthing they will outgrow!

  7. the only way i could get my daughter to not be afraid of the vacuum was to have her help me vacuum. now she loves to help. not only is she overcoming a fear but she is learning about responsibility. mind you my daughter is 2 years old now but I started doing that at about 1 1/2 years! good luck hope it helps!

  8. Warn the child.  A 1 yr. old probably doesn't understand what you are saying.  So pull it out so the 1 yr old can see it.  Don't plug it in yet.  Give the tot something comforting, a blanket, teddy.  My son is afraid too.  We ended up leaving it out for a week.  He wouldn't walk by it and would scream when he saw it.  Even not plugged in.  After 4 days he stopped screaming when he saw it and would walk by it cautiously.  Yesterday I saw him touching it.  When he sees me undoing the plug he scatters quick but no longer cries.

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