My 5 yr old is to rough with the new baby?

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I have a 5 yr old lil girl and a 4 month old boy.

My 5 yr old is very rough with the baby she'll jump on the bed right next to him. Put her head against his knowing his head control is still a lil wobbly and causes his head to hit hers seems like she dose it on purpose.I am like a hawk I gotta watch her every move aruond him I feel very bad for her i know shes a bit jealous but tryin to protect the lil one.




  1. When is the last time you and your daughter have gone out somewhere alone? Take a little time to reconnect with her if it's been a while. Go have a girls day out! Get her hair cut take her to Mcdonalds and make it a special day for you 2.

    Little girls can tend to want to mommy a bit and don't understand how rough they really are. She is probably not trying to hurt him just to be near. You havn't seen her try to him or anyting like that have you? It may be a little mommy thing and she doesn't understand that for you it's a disipline thing. She is watching you care for him and wanting the same attention.

  2. i do not recommend spanking or time out.....that would only crush her!!! she has had all of your attention until the baby came. try to explain to her how tiny the baby is and that you have to be very easy and careful around the baby. ALWAYS praise her when you see her being easy. the other thing to remember to do is SPEND ALONE TIME with her!!!! you can read a story or play a game with her during the babys nap or have dad or a grandparent watch the baby so the TWO of you can go out on a mommy & daughter date.

  3. Just continue to watch like a hawk.  Try to explain that the baby is very delicate and she must be gentle, but try to give her your undivided attention whenever possible and let her know she's special. She probably feels left out, since right now it's all about the new baby, and she must be quiet when the baby's sleeping, be careful with the baby etc.  She just needs some extra Mommy love.

  4. You have to explain to her that he is only a baby and that she has to be VERY gentle with him. Maybe you're just assuming that she already knows this, and you haven't actually told her? She's only five, so she doesn't think that he is any less fragile than her. Remind her several times, send her on time-out if you have to tell her the same thing twice in a row. Soon she should get it.

  5. Hi, try not to get upset with her, just explain to her that the baby is very fragile for a little, she maybe is trying to get your attention. be patient with her and let her help with the baby and give her little jobs to do.

  6. its time she realizes that she is not the only baby anymore and do what you have to, to make sure that she does not hurt the little one it is your job to protect the baby and if she wont comply then its time for spankings and punishments she is old enough to understand. a 2 yearold would be different becuase you cant reason with them but a 5 year old has the learning capacity to know right from wrong. if you are able to set aside one day a week just for her no baby around this may help.

  7. Spank spank & time out

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