Why do children eat their boogers?

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Is this from sometime of iron defenciency? or what? LOL..

Can anyone tell me why they do this?






  1. salty

  2. Didn't you ever eat a booger and remember?  lol...Maybe they're tasty?  I'm not curious enough to know LOL

  3. No idea.  It's on their finger so they try it.  I guess if they didn't gag, they'll keep doing it.  Not to suggest you should try to humiliate your child but try saying something in public.

  4. simple because they taste exactly like they look- DELICOUS!!  No just joking... I don't know its weird though. You don't see grown up walking around eating boogers...hahah it would be funny if they did!

  5. When I was wee, my best friend always ate hers. She said they were yummy. So I tried one -- and begged to differ. But I've never been one for salty snacks.

  6. there trying to impress you. there's not much else they can do.

  7. I don't know! but you are talking about the "corn flake style", or the "oyster",


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