Babysitting a 6 year old boy?

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He loves to be wild and he loves to hit. He's very entergentic but sometimes he can be really rude and abnoxious. Does anyone have any good ideas or tips?




  1. u already asked this question. But i will answer it again. with a diff. answer. Play sports with him. football and bball. also play with the dog (they have a dog, right?) get him sweaty and then take him swimming. He will be more interested in swimming and he will swim longer if he is tired and sweaty. then after that, go inside and he will be hungry. so make him a snack and  play a board game w/ him. that should keep him busy! good luck ;)

  2. If he is Terrible, I have a 6 year old sister, and when she is terrible throwing silverware and stuff at me, or jumping on me while I am laying down. I slap her on the hand where it hurts and put her in some kind of corner. Sometimes they'll cry and beg not to go, but ask them "Are you going to be good? Are you going to jump on me? Are you going to throw forks at me? Ima write you up!"

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