Babysitter needs help!!!?

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Hi, I need help ASAP! I babysit two childre (brother and sister) 5 days a week full-time, and tonight they are sleeping over, but bedtime is around the corner and they miss their mommy. They've never spent the night away from her and I need help finding a way to calm their nerves and get them to bed by 9:00PM! Please, if anyone knows a way, help me!

P.S Their mom is not answering as their phone is dead, and they are unable to pick the children up...




  1. well it's 11 so I hope they're asleep...

    if they're not, just read to them, or lay with them and tell them stories until they seem pretty wiped out and comfortable enough to fall asleep.

  2. Okay how old are these kids>

    If they are old enough to understand a lilttle tell them that mommy will be there soon.  They have no concept of time.  Try to distract them with a story.  Put their names in the story to make it more interesting to them.  I used to tell my daughter the story of Katielocks and the three bears..she loved it (3yrs. old).  You need to reassure them that mommy will be home soon.  If they are small enough they should fall asleep soon.  Then in the morning if they ask say mommy is on her way.  The biggest thing is try to distract them, maybe have them lay down and watch a Disney movie (if available).  

    good luck!!

  3. Make it seem like a really big deal that they are spending the night.  Let them help set up their beds with "special" blankets or pillows.  Promise them a surprise at breakfast in the morning. (And deliver).  Good Luck!

  4. Tell them a story and really get into it.  Make faces etc.  Just don't let them get out of bed.    Once they are relaxed end the story and then read them a book.  

    Make sure they have a drink of water and then go potty before you do this   becasue they will ask.   The more they get out of bed the harder it will be for you to get them back in!

  5. Read them a story and tell them when the story is over it is time to go to bed.

    Good luck

  6. hmm next time she wants to drop her children off on you tell her she must have a way to contact her... what if something serious happens.

    Read them a couple stories and just reassure them there mommy is going to be there when they wake up. tell them the sooner they go to bed the sooner there mommy will be there.

    maybe make it a fun sleepover by making a fort with blankets where they are sleeping. just make them feel safe.

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