Help babysitting!!?an 8 year old boy?

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its my second time babysitting this 8 year old but he always likes to play baseball and i don't like it what should i tell him i don't want to hurt his feelings and what other things can i do with him?




  1. I did babysitting for many years. I found the best thing is go over with a large basket or box of crafts, colors, games, and other stuff that might be fun (think of thing you would do on a rainy day to put in there).  Also i found that some TV websites have a parent tab with craft ideas for them to do with their children such as probably more.  This is good because most kids like TV and if you incorporate it into their crafts they are more likely to take an interest to it.  Good Luck!

  2. Ask him if he'd like to play something else instead.  

  3. Does he have a bike or a scooter? How about you sit outside and watch him practice riding? Boys that age are looking for something physical to do.

  4. Maybe ask him if he wants to play soccer, if he has one.  Take him for a walk.  Do some crafts with him.  Good luck.  

  5. You do what the child wants to do whether you like it or not.  You are there to entertain and supervise the child.  If you don't want to do the job then don't take the job.

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