Ko Sung Hyun and Hye Won Eom clinch Mixed Doubles title at the 2011 Chinese Taipei Grand Prix

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Ko Sung Hyun and Hye Won Eom clinch Mixed Doubles title at the 2011 Chinese Taipei Grand Prix
Korea’s emerging pair of Ko Sung Hyun and Hye Won Eom delivered a fabulous performance and won the Mixed Doubles’ title by beating top seeds, Tantowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir of Indonesia in the final showdown of the 2011 Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix,
in Chinese Taipei, on Sunday, September 11.
The un-seeded Korean couple played impressive badminton throughout the Taipei Open and defeated many top shuttlers in their way to glory. In the final match, they displayed their wonderful skills against World Number Three and top seeds of the championship,
Tantowi and Liliyana to win the battle in three sets of 60 minutes.
The first set was a breath-taking fight between both couples, as they progressed without slowing down the pace of the rallies. The Indonesians’ were relying on their attacking style, while the Koreans were playing with precision. Liliyana played good at
the net but failed to dominate the game as the Koreans were also quick at the net. Until the break, the Koreans managed to reach at 11-10, in the first game.
The second part of the opening set progressed in the same thrilling fashion. Both sides kept the pace of the rallies at the highest level and executed strokes with wonderful touch of accuracy and perfection. The score was 22-22, when the Koreans played fast
badminton at the net and won the game by a 24-22 score.
The Indonesians played better badminton in the second set and kept the bird low at the net to remain in a dominating position. The Koreans became a little defensive in this set, which helped their opponents to take control of the game’s pace. The defensive
approach of the Koreans was the reason of their loss in the second game with a score of 16-21.
The final set of this entertaining battle was also tougher in the opening half, as both sides remained close to each other. However, the Koreans played with a touch of aggression throughout the second-half of the final game and emerged as the winners with
a decent margin of 21-17. Sung Hyun and Hye Won proved their sills and won the battle with a margin of 24-22, 16-21 and 21-17.



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