DPR Korea sweeps Iran to place third in Pool E - 16th Asian Women's Volleyball Championship

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DPR Korea sweeps Iran to place third in Pool E - 16th Asian Women's Volleyball Championship
The 16th Asian Women's Volleyball Championship is currently taking place in Taipei, China where the first round of the tournament has concluded and the classification round for the 1-8 slots is underway. On September 19, DPR Korea and Iran contested
against each other in a Pool E match as the Koreans ended up celebrating their clean sweep over the Iranians. The victory has given DPR Korea the third place in the pool.
The first two sets of the match were completely dominated by the Koreans as they smothered the Iranians who could not provide a significant challenge to their rivals. However, the loss of the first two sets of the game triggered the Iranians into action
and they stepped up their game in the third set but the Koreans prevailed in winning the match at the following final set scores: 25-11, 25-14 and 25-21.
The recent win has increased the tournament statistics for the Koreans to one win against two losses while the Iranians have not been able to secure even a single win.
The first set of the match saw the Koreans take the lead early on and sprint ahead with the advantage. The Iranians could not stabilise their game as a result of which they put up a feeble effort to stop the Koreans from winning the opening set of the game
at 25-11. The Korean win was largely because of a superior performance with regard to defence as well as the attack.
The second set started off with both the teams progressing evenly. The Koreans were able to manage a narrow lead but the Iranians closed in the gap and tied the score at 12-12. However, the Koreans adopted a new strategy and were able to take the lead and
march ahead with the advantage at 22-14. After that, it was only a matter of time before the Koreans bagged another set at 25-14.
The start of the third set got the Iranians a four point lead but the Koreans took the advantage at the second technical time out at 16-13. It was not a tough job for the Koreans to seal the deal at 25-21 after that.   
The player that was able to top the score was the Korean, Kim Yong Mi, who registered a total of 18 points. Mi was helped by her team-mate Jong Jin Sim who added 15 points of her own. On the Iranian side Maedeh Borhani was able to lead her team by posting
a total of nine points.  
Next in line for the DPR Koreans is a match in the quarter-finals that will be played with Korea. On the other hand the Iranians will be heading off to take on the Japanese, the team that has been able to top Pool F.



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