Korea Open Grand Prix Gold: Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong claim Men’s Doubles title

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Korea Open Grand Prix Gold: Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong claim Men’s Doubles title
Korea’s second ranked shuttlers, Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong have proved their mettle as they have claimed Men’s Doubles title after defeating the higher ranked team-mates, Jung Jae Sung and Lee Yong Dae in the final showdown of the 2011 Korea Open Grand
Prix Gold, in Korea, on Sunday, December 11.
Sung Hyun and Yeon Seong, who are currently ranked at number four in the Men’s Doubles world standings, displayed their wonderful skills and thrashed their team-mates, Jae Sung and Yong Dae, Who are World Number Two at the moment. The second seeds Sung Hyun
and Yeon Seong finished up the match in two games by consuming 44 minutes in the court.
The top seeds of the event, Jae Sung and Yong Dae failed to put up strong show against their lower ranked opponents and lost the opening set with a comfortable difference. However, they played much better badminton in the second set but remained unlucky
in the end by losing it with a narrow margin.
Sung Hyun and Yeon Seong opened their campaign in the opening match in a scintillating fashion as they played with wonderful precision. Their aggressive play and anticipation earned them a considerable advantage in the game and they remained successful in
taking up a reasonable lead until the interval.
After the break, Sung Hyun and Yeon Seong continued playing positive and fast badminton and showed no sign of slowing down at any stage of the game. They remained successful in taking advantage of the first game in the match by winning it with a margin of
In the second set of the match, Sung Hyun and Yong Dae played composed game as they changed their strategy and worked well at the net. The score remained close from both sides in the whole set and reached at the concluding phase. At this crucial stage, Sung
Hyun and Yeon Seong showed their courage by playing at their maximum speed and won the set with a tight margin of 24-22.
Sung Hyun and Yeon Seong finished up the final match in 44 minutes in straight sets by a margin of 21-15 and 24-22.



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