Milwaukee Brewers look for stronger offence as Rickie Weeks back – MLB News

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Milwaukee Brewers look for stronger offence as Rickie Weeks back – MLB News
The Milwaukee Brewers have brought their hitter Rickie Weeks’ back in the line-up to possibly play the remaining games for the team. The soreness in his left ankle had kept him away from the game after he was sent to disabled-list for over two weeks.
For now, the player is undergoing meticulous evaluation so as to determine the nature of the problem he has. It is important to remember that he was brought in the side on Sunday to play the series finale against the Cincinnati Reds.
The team manager believes Weeks will be able to represent the side when he has been given chance to play in row. "Until he gets to the point where he plays a few days in a row and I don't have to ask him, it'll be day to day," Brewers’ manager Ron Roenicke
said. "He's not going to be 100 percent."
For now, the most serious consideration is obviously how well Weeks can hit. Offensively, the Brewers are desperate to have strong hitters. Considering the tough games ahead, Weeks regaining his form and performing well will be key for the Milwaukee Brewers.
In the recent past, the Milwaukee Brewers had performed consistently well on the offensive front. Like said earlier, that is what the team wants largely because bullpen sometimes faces more resistance owing to the presence of other strong hitters in the
rival teams.
"It's hard to say after two games whether we can continue this or not," said Roenicke. "Last night was a little bit better because we had more people on base. When we get it going, we can get on a roll. Hopefully, this is it."
But even the good show by the offence does not easily satisfy the team manager who wants the team to keep their morale high. Weeks, who is batting .270 after he was sent to DL list, is one important player who can energize the offence with his hitting.
Whatever comes out of the injury and the reinstatement of the Weeks, the Milwaukee Brewers are now looking forward to a stronger show so as to be at the top of the league. If they manage to put up a good show, it will be fascinating for the team as a whole.
The role of Weeks in the Brewers team cannot be underestimated, as he is their slugger. His performance over the next few games will be crucial for the Brewers to base their offence around in the next few match-ups. Weeks will be desperately needed in the
postseason if the Brewers stand any sort of chance of progressing further. Only time will tell how well Weeks can deliver what the fans are expecting from him.



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