Valeri Nepomniachi resigns from FC Tom Tomsk after FC Krasnodar defeat: Russian Premier League

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Valeri Nepomniachi resigns from FC Tom Tomsk after FC Krasnodar defeat: Russian Premier League are currently at the 14th spot on the Russian Premier League table and nearing the drop zone after their 4-0 league defeat in the latest league fixture against FC Krasnodar at Trud stadium.
The Asians head coach, Valeri Nepomniachi, has resigned from his managerial position following his team’s unacceptable results and expressed his views upon his decision.
The 68-year-old admitted the failure to claim positive results during his reign at the Russian club and revealed the reason behind his decision. Nepomniachi insisted that he is not going to blame the club for any reason, be it financial or otherwise, and
feared for the Siberians’ future in the top division.
Nepomniachi spent three years at the Russian club and insisted that he had no problems with the management. The Russian national admitted that he is very grateful for the management’s support and insisted that the club want a change in leadership.
“The main reason for my decision is the results of the team. I do not want to speculate that I am unhappy with the state of the club, financial or otherwise. The change of leadership could help them. I have good relations with management and the fans. The
reason for writing my letter of resignation was that I really do not see any reasons for failure. When a coach does not see which way to go, so he needs to stop.” The former head coach was quoted as saying.
Nepomniachi accepted that he failed to diagnose the problems, but thanked the fans for their support during his time at the club.
“I am very grateful for Tomsk fans. Tomsk will forever remain in my heart.” Nepomniachi concluded.
Tomsk are just three points away from the bottom of the table and a defeat in the upcoming meeting against the league leaders, Zenit St. Petersburg, can further limit their chances to survive in the Russian Premier League.



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