Muhammad Rijal – Debby Susanto grab Mixed Doubles title at Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold

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Muhammad Rijal – Debby Susanto grab Mixed Doubles title at Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold
Indonesia’s in-form shuttlers Muhammad Rijal and Debby Susanto proved their mettle on court and won the Mixed Doubles title after defeating Hong Kong’s Chun Hei Lee and Hoi Wah Chau in the final contest of Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold 2012 on Sunday,
October 7, in Chinese Taipei.
The in-form Rijal and Debby, who were top seeded players in Mixed Doubles main draw of the championship, showed their aggression on court and remained successful in beating their lower ranked challengers without facing any considerable trouble.
The top seeded Rijal and Debby were on a different level as they played with tremendous precision and managed to overpower their rivals in straight games by taking just 30 minutes on court.
On the contrary, the un-seeded Chun Hei and Hoi Wah could not put up strong show on court as they failed to dominate the pace of rallies and also stayed far behind on score board all the way and eventually lost the final battle in a lopsided fashion.
Both couples showed impressive display of their incredible skills on court and remained neck-to-neck until the score reached at 9-9.
At this stage, Rijal and Debby changed their tactics and took over the control of rallies while taking the bird early at net.
The Indonesian shuttlers played with remarkable precision and took a reasonable lead of 11-9 until the break.
After the mid-game interval, Rijal and Debby extended their lead by playing positive badminton and easily took the first game with a striking 21-14 score on the board.
In the second set of this title match, Rijal and Debby again remained in commanding position in opening half of the game and managed a small lead until the mid-game interval.
After the one-minute break, Rijal and Debby continued their dominating and positive performance on court.
The powerful smashes and impressive control at net helped the Indonesian shuttlers to finish up the second set with a staggering difference of 21-14.
Rijal and Debby won the title match in straight games by taking just 30 minutes with a stunning 21-14 and 21-14 margin on the board.



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