Judy Murray becomes captain of Great Britain’s Fed Cup team – Tennis News

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Judy Murray becomes captain of Great Britain’s Fed Cup team – Tennis News
Judy Murray has been appointed the captain of the Great Britain’s women Fed Cup team.  Lawn Tennis Association announced this news while conducting a press conference on Thursday 8th December. Murray will take lead of
the British team that will feature in the 1-4 Europe-Africa Group I tie against Israel. The tie will take place in Eilat, Murray will accompany them and also flourish other female coaches in the process.
Andy Murray received coaching for several years from her mother and managed to reach three Grand Slam finals that show her abilities to train youngsters for elite platforms. She has been affiliated with the Scottish national team
for nine years so there is no doubt that she is capable of coaching tennis skills to youngsters. She is seen accompanying her son on most of the occasions to court and has been the constant morale booster for world number four at home, playing grounds and
even from the stands during the matches.
Another familiar name in mixed doubles category, Jamie Robert Murray, was coached by her and he was under her coaching influence when he was crowned mixed doubles Wimbledon champion in 2007. Murray was extremely happy to attain
this role and proclaimed that it will definitely test my abilities to coach such a versatile team. It will require utmost concentration and considering the fact that women tennis players are fired up to perform in Eilat and make it to the elitist platform
by winning the tie, there motivational levels will be pretty high that will make the task easier.
Talking to the media representatives, Murray said, “It is a huge honour for me to represent my country in this way. The role presents a very exciting challenge, given the mix of talent, experience and determination we have in our
top female players right now. I’m also really looking forward to working with the LTA to develop a bigger and stronger female coaching work force. I want to encourage more women to get involved in coaching at the highest level, and to personally support their
LTA head of men’s and women’s tennis, Leon Smith was extremely delighted to have such a prestigious and experienced lady in charge of GB women’s team. He said that she is going to be a very huge asset for us and we hope that she
performs her duty with supreme care and responsibility. She is going to the be the successor of Nigel Sears who decided to step down from this responsibility few months back and become the full time coach of the world’s most gorgeous tennis player, Ana Ivanovic.



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