Bears’ defencemen confident in their ability to stop Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow – NFL News

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Bears’ defencemen confident in their ability to stop Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow – NFL News
For a team that has lost two games straight Chicago Bears linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are pretty confident in their ability to stop the in-form Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Sunday in game week 14 of the
"He's one heck of a football player and we're going to have to stop that c**p," said linebacker Lance Briggs. "You have to be disciplined, but we have the guys that can do it. It's not rocket science."
Urlacher is even more confident that the Bears can stop Tebow’s five game winning run saying
 "We're an athletic defense, we got a pretty good front seven or eight and we run to the football. Hopefully we get some takeaways, which we haven't done the past couple of weeks.”
Chicago Bears have gone through a couple of rough weeks since the game week 11 injury to regular quarterback Jay Cutler. The last two weeks saw the Bears lose both games by significant margins against Oakland Raiders and Kansas
City Chiefs respectively putting their qualification for the wild card playoff spot in jeopardy.
Caleb Hanie who has replaced Cutler at quarterback has struggled in both starts throwing three interceptions in each game and looking nervous during games. While the Bears defence hasn’t been in better shape either, Coach Lovie
Smith believes getting the basics right against the Broncos will be the key to stop their unorthodox offense.
"It's harder," said Coach Lovie Smith. "It's all about fundamentals and being in the right spot, being in the right gap, trusting your teammates. This week has made us concentrate on us even more, and that's always good when you
have to do that."
Denver Broncos will come to Chicago smelling blood. With Tebow calling the shots the Broncos have won five games in a row and are joint top of American Football Conference West alongside Oakland Raiders.
Tebow has led the Broncos to five comeback victories in the final quarter and has been a big part of the Broncos resurgence after a 1-4 start to the current season.
Chicago Bears will have to put every effort possible to stave off Tebow from running rings around them while the offense must provide the forward momentum if the Bears are to win and secure the playoff spot.



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