Olympique de Marseille chairman Jose Anigo defends his record book – Ligue 1 news

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Olympique de Marseille chairman Jose Anigo defends his record book – Ligue 1 news
While talking to the media, Ligue 1 giants chairman Jose Anigo tried to defend his reputation that has somewhat hit a low in recent weeks following his issues with coach Didier Deschamps.
With just three weeks left till the opening of the winter transfer window, Olympique de Marseille have decided to spend some money on new players in a bid to make replacements for the likes of Ayew brothers and who will be leaving the
Rhone club to represent their respective nations in the upcoming African Cup of Nations.
While talking to RMC, Anigo said, “I agree (need for signings) but being financially astute is the priority. I also know how things go at Marseille. Buying someone is good. Buying a good player is another matter.”
The speech given by the Frenchman certainly speaks of a lot of common sense as the club is no more financially strong to take a lot of risks in the market.
The future of Argentine international Lucho Gonzalez and striker Andre-Pierre Gignac has been under a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks. While talking about the two cases, Anigo said the Gonzalez has always been a good player even if many people wouldn’t agree
to him.
However, Gignac’s future was casted under more doubt when Anigo said that the player has been unlucky with injuries this season and admitted that the striker’s situation is complicated.
Jose Anigo also discussed the situation when the club controversially had to sell Niang.
“When we lost Niang, it became a scandal. I was told that Loic Remy was not a world class player who had no experience. In his first year, he scored 16 goals. excuse me, I may be wrong but it’s not bad,” Anigo said while talking about his recruitment of
Loic Remy who upon his arrival was never really given a chance by the media.
In the end, Anigo pointed out at a certain type of person who damaged his image at the club.
“My mistake was that I let myself talk too much and that I did not want to respond when I did not want to. I find it very unfair at times to hear that I am in the bad books of supporters and considered as a manipulator. It’s tiring,” Anigo said truthfully
while talking about how he felt about things directed at him.



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