Anne Keothavong talks about Judy Murray’s appointment and GB’s Fed Cup preparation – Tennis News

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Anne Keothavong talks about Judy Murray’s appointment and GB’s Fed Cup preparation – Tennis News
Anne Keothavong is British number two at the moment and ranked 73 at the moment in the ATP World rankings. Recently Andy Murray’s mother, Judy Murray, was appointed as the captain of British Women tennis team and hence she will
be leading the British troops that include Keothavong as well.
British number two considers the choice of captain to be very inspirational and effective; she believes that time is near when she will break into the top 60 women’s of the world under the leadership of Judy. She believes that
the low-rated Fed Cup will definitely get a great fan following with the appointment of Judy as the captain as she brings in a lot of experience and limelight to this event.
Talking about the team’s preparation and Fed Cup campaign, British number two said “It would be nice for all of us to have the recognition we deserve. British women’s tennis deserves more attention. We have been improving over
the last few years, and after the controversy over the BBC Sports Personality award, hopefully women’s sport in general will receive more publicity. There are plenty of women out there who are doing good things in sport and it should be noted.”
It is very frustrating for the British fans to see their country’s name being wiped out of tennis tournaments in the early stages except some advancement shown by the world number four, Andy Murray.
They have never been able to surpass the first round-robin stage in the Fed Cup for the past 18 years and it’s really agonizing for everyone out there seeing such a well developed nation not being able to produce world class talent
in the field of tennis.
Keothavong thought that they should be given a lot more coverage and following for their tilt campaigns so players feels a bit more accomplished and are fired up for their matches. Talking about other countries promoting their
teams, she stated that world number one, Caroline Wozniacki, was accompanied with a professional photographer and cameraman to shoot her Fed Cup encounters last year; something like for the British players will boost their morale as well.
Judy’s appointment will definitely bring in a lot more coverage and 28-year-old was thrilled to perform against a strong Slovak squad in their February’s Fed Cup tie. She wants to improve her game and take full advantage of experience
Judy to climb few ranks. She said “I’m planning to be around the 60 mark in the rankings by the summer, which would pretty much guarantee qualification.”
It will be interesting to see what changes Judy can bring to this versatile squad of Great Britain in such a short period of time.



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